What are Cloud Services for TP-Link AX6000 Next-Gen Wi-Fi Router?

Tplink devices like tplink WiFi router devices, tplink WiFi extender devices and tplink camera devices are best networking devices that you will find that days. If you are using tplink devices from a long time then you must know about the cloud services of tplink devices.

These cloud services are used so that you can easily store all your tplink services to a remote location. You can access tplink cloud services from tplink login page. Using http:// tplinkmodem.net page you can access and change the cloud services for these tplink devices. In this article we are explaining cloud services about TP-Link AX6000 Next-Gen Wi-Fi Router devices.

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These WiFi router devices allow you to make all settings from a cloud account. When you have tplink cloud account, you can easily access your cloud account from tplink tether application easily.

How to Get New TP-Link Cloud Services from your Device?

If you want to get new tplink cloud account then here are steps you can follow.

  1. Get a computer device and access tplink cloud account using tplinkwifi.net page.
  2. Click on “Basic” button.
  3. After that click on “TP-Link Cloud” button,
  4. Click on “Register Now” button so that you can get new account for tplink cloud services.
  5. There you will need to fill some details like tplink ID and some other devices. These are very basic details so you will get all these details easily.

tp link modem quick setup

These are simple steps that you can follow so that you can get new tplink cloud account from your tplink router login page. Once this account is registered, you can also change the account details any time when you want. From tplink cloud account page you can change your account settings. Whenever you change the settings do not forgot to click on “save” button.


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