Get Guest Network for TL-WR940N V6 Wireless N Router

The guest network is used to allow access of wifi to guests without disclosing any host network. You will need to create the guest house when you have guests at your home, office or another at nearby places. To ensure the network security and privacy you can also customize the guest network from tp link router setup. To customize follow the steps mentioned here below.

Step 1:- Visit on the address http //tplinkwifi.net and by using the username and password login to the account.

tp link modem quick setup

Step 2:-Now from the menu go to Guest network>Wireless settings.

Step 3:-Now enable the guest network function here.

modem wifi router tp link

Step 4:-Create a network name here for the guest network which can be easily reminded to you.

Step 5:-Here you have to select the wireless security type and create the password for the guest network.

Step 6:-From access time drop-down menu select the schedule and customize it for the guest network

tp link modem quick setup

Step 7:- Click on save to save the changes you have made here.

Details of the setting options are as under

  • Allow guest to access my local network: – This option is enabled then the guest can access the local network and can manage it.
  • Enable guest network Bandwidth Control: – Guest network bandwidth control rules will take effect if this is enabled.
  • Egress bandwidth for the guest network:-This option is to tracking the speed of uploading through the WAN port for the guest network.


  • Guest network: – You can enable or disable the network with this function.
  • Network name:-Enter a value of up to 32 characters. Here the network name must be assigned to all wireless devices in the guest network.
  • Wireless security:-You can configure the security of the guest network from this option.
  • Access time: – This is the time when the guest can access the network.


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