various networking components

Since, due to enhancement in the internet, networking devices are also exploring day by day. The duties or functionalities performed by all these devices are different. Now, today from this blog you will get the information regarding all the networking devices which help you in clearing all of your doubts related to the networking devices. So, stay connected with our blog and get overall information.

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Bridge: Sometimes both of the devices like bridge and the repeaters works same but if we talk about the working of the bridge, then the additional feature which is added to the bridge is of filtering the content after reading the MAC address of both source as well as the destination. The major work of the bridge is to connect two LAN which are in the working condition and must work on the same protocols.

Routers:  The working of the routers is same as that of the switches, which sends the data packets to the others depending upon the IP addresses that the computers are using. The routers can easily operate on the network layer. The routers are really very much beneficial in connecting both LAN as well as WAN along with each other.

Repeaters: Repeaters can easily work on the physical layer and using the process of the tp modem login. The major task of the repeaters is to recreate the signal until the moment when it gets destroyed. Now, from above you came to know that the repeaters are generally very much beneficial in recreating the signal. The working of the repeaters is as the 2 port device.

Gateway: The major task of the gateway is to connect the two networks along with each other whether they are working on the different type of networking models. The major task of the networking device is to acts as the messenger for transferring the signal from one place to the other one.


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